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Angela Jollivette

Moonbaby Media
Music Supervisor / Host / Content Producer
Angela Jollivette’s connection to Music was an innate interest growing up.  Growing up in the church, her musical path also blended with the emergence of Hip-Hop and R&B music infusing the sounds surrounding her.  Angela’s ear and sixth sense developed thru melodies and lyrics from secular and non-secular music, but never losing sight of the messages in church music that built her foundation.  

Angela’s journey led her to express her love for music thru DJing & Radio taking on the moniker DJ Moonbaby.  Moonbaby was one of the main female DJs in LA rocking events for CBS, The GRAMMYs, Director Ava Duvernay, The Pan-African Film Festival and many other corporate brands.  As a member of The Recording Academy, she joined the organization hoping to guide her next steps.

The Recording Academy led Angela to what she believes is an assignment from above.  Her extensive knowledge of music afforded her the opportunity to manage and oversee the Gospel and Christian Music Field for the GRAMMY awards.  Spending the last decade managing Gospel/CCM genres and World music for a small stint broadened her musical palate.  Angela is on the pulse of today’s music and always looking for an opportunity to provide a platform for talent.  

Mastering Gospel, Angela received another amazing and unique opportunity to infuse TV/Film music to her resume.  A natural progression, overseeing compilation soundtrack, song, and score for Visual Media at The GRAMMYs led her into her passion for Music Supervision.  A DJ, music curator and much more; Angela Jollivette has the knowledge, foundation, and gift to curate a unique visual experience through music as a Music Supervisor and Content Producer.

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