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Andrea DaSilva

U.S. Department of Commerce
Senior Media & Entertainment Analyst
Acting Global Team Lead for Media & Entertainment Industries, US Department of Commerce, Washington, DC.

Andrea DaSilva is a Senior Policy Analyst and Global Team Leader for Media & Entertainment Industries at the U.S. Department of Commerce. In this capacity she leads 260 trade specialists on projects to advance the export and licensing potential of the U.S. creative economy. As an analyst, she provides in-depth market research, policy analysis, free trade agreement assessments, but also trade promotion activities for clients in media and entertainment sectors. M&E sectors covered includes: art, video games, filmed entertainment, TV/video streaming, broadcast and communications, music labels, music publishing and radio, and e-Books and educational, scientific and consumer publishing – and subsidiary sectors such as graphics printing, brands and licensing and social media.

In addition, she is versed on copyrights, digital trade and entertainment, film and TV production and equipment, and musical instrument sectors; touching on the ‘old and new economies’ covered by the M&E Team. Often billed as “fun” sectors, the copyright industry is complex and earning a living in the creative sector is very challenging for American businesses and artists, especially independent and small producers and service providers.

Andrea works across U.S. government agencies and with industry, civil society and other stakeholder to provide input on policy issues such as copyrights, piracy, monetization and licensing challenges and trade barriers faced by the creative content industries globally. Much of her work has focused on innovation and emerging technologies and she is accustomed to shaping policy and creating dynamic projects in collaboration with industry to enhance trade, business and job creation. She represented DOC and U.S. business interests on many overseas projects to identify foreign stakeholders, joint project, and trade prospects.

Presently she manages the first ever U.S. government export project with the music industry (MDCP) and has traveled with the creative content industry to Europe, Asia and Latin America, and represents ITA at Midem, SXSW and the Reeperbahn Festival with the American Association of Independent Music. Previously she led a similar project with the Independent Film & Television Alliance, with a team that recruited buyers, distributors and licensors from Asia and beyond – achieving exceptionally high export success via Hong Kong Filmart and the American Film Market. In 2016 she began collaborating with Discop and their shows in Johannesburg, Ivory Coast, Dubai and Istanbul, and is further engaged with the U.S. TV and content industry. 

Andrea holds an MBA and an MA in International Development, and previously enjoyed a faced paced career in Executive Search on Wall Street. She grew up in Norway, is multilingual, and has lived in Jerusalem, New York City, Albuquerque and Washington DC. She is a member of the Society for International Development, Women in International Trade, Women In Music, the Recording Academy, the Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce, and serves on the Board of an Anti-Corruption NGO based in the U.S. and India.